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Tammy and Heaven on Earth:
Winner 2017 Res. Champion BHSA Novice Jumper

For a complete list of barn winners Click Here.

Hamlet has been our sire for several years. He has produced all of our litters up until this point. He is a full Julilana with a great temperament. Please realize that like a bull, Hamlet has been breeding for years and the testostrone has increased his size especially in the front shoulders and neck.

Coco and her sister Michelle (who now lives in VA Beach as a house pig.) These two had a Juliana sire and a half Potbelly mom. Coco is one of our best temperaments and is the mother of Sally. Coco is a mini.

We went to Mississippi to get Pippa (left) and Penny (Right) This photo shows their full grown size compared to a standard gallon milk carton. Penny is a little smaller. These girls give us the micros. Sheldon is from Pippa and Chelsey is from Penny. 

Chelsey is an extremely small micro. Pictured at full grown size of under 20 pounds we have kept her for breeding. She will be bred for the first time this summer.

We recently purchased Lester to give us a second male. He is pure Juliana and quite small for his age at this point. We will be breeding him to Chelsey when he is old enough. Lester has a ton of personality and everyone is in love with him.