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Tammy and Heaven on Earth:
Winner 2017 Res. Champion BHSA Novice Jumper

For a complete list of barn winners Click Here.

Waddles was the runt of our last litter and he has grown up to be a healthy young man. He enjoyed Halloween and of course he loves treats!
Wilber has a great friend!
Leroy, all grown up (Below)  and still very small. He started light brown and is now almost black.  In some lighting and in the summer he is more of a dark mahogany.
Sassy Peaches enjoyed Halloween too because she loves pumpkins!  Most pigs do.
Sassy Peaches grown up.
Leroy Brown was a light brown when he was younger and is now a dark mahogony.
Paisley enjoys a good snooze in bed.
Stella likes pillows and sweaters in the winter.
Maestro likes the comforts of home.

Stella celebrating her 1st Birthday

Suzie Q Lives with dogs and kids for a great life!

Sir David visits Pet Smart and hangs out at home!