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Tammy and Heaven on Earth:
Winner 2017 Res. Champion BHSA Novice Jumper

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Mini vs Micro

People often want the smallest pig they can find, but like toy dogs, the micros are a little different in personality.  Of course there are individual differences, but in general, here are the differences between minis and micros.

MINIS ~ Sally is a mini, and you can see her on her facebook page or in person. Pickles, with wine bottle to show size, is a full grown mini. Sally is still small enough to pick up and stands below the knee of adults.

  • Mini litters have more color, We almost always get some spotted. Black, black with white markings and Brown and Brown with white markings are usual but not guaranteed.
  • Minis have shorter noses.
  • Minis are more lay back.
  • Minis are $400

MICROS ~ Sheldon is a micro, and you can see him on Sally's facebook page or in person. He is still small enough to pick up easily and stands mid calf of adults.

  • Micro litters are frequently white. Some have black spots on their skin, but the hair is white, giving the appearance of a "Pink" pig. 
  • Minis have longer noses.
  • Minis are more active and busy.
  • Minis are $450
Sally and Sheldon together
Pickles, a full grown mini